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From the Working Families Party:

Dear WFP Supporter,

It’s official: 158,891. That’s how many votes were cast for Barack Obama on the Working Families Party line in New York — 25,000 more than the WFP got for John Kerry in 2004.

Together, we’re building something real — a party that can take on the big fights for working families and win.

2009 will be an enormous opportunity to do just that. And to make sure we don’t waste our chance, we’re launching an ambitious campaign to hold Democrats in Albany and Washington accountable to the campaign promises of bold change.

This year, our organizing strategy was ambitious, and it paid off. We helped defeat the Republican State Senate Majority that had blocked common-sense progressive reform for decades. And we helped send 3 new Democratic-Working Families Congressmen to Washington. No small feat.

But we know our work is only beginning. A sinking economy, a failing healthcare system, the state’s fiscal crisis — we’re facing problems that cry out for bold, progressive solutions.

Democrats took power last month because Americans hoped they’d offer just that. But now, they’ll be under unrelenting corporate pressure to back down on their promises of real change.

Whether it’s family leave insurance, green-collar jobs, affordable housing or “Fair Share Tax Reform” — it’s our job to organize and make sure that they don’t let working families down. With your help, we can do it.

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