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“A Home Away From Home”

Christopher Columbus HS in the Bronx is one of 15 high schools targeted for closure by the Department of Education. Below, a look at the school’s students, faculty, and programs.


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  • 1 Phyllis C. Murray
    · Dec 26, 2009 at 11:06 am

    More Question?

    Why are so many schools targeted for closure?
    Why isn’t this failed strategy exposed, sir?

    Why don’t ATRs have a place?
    Why is school funding a disgrace?

    Why are they trying to unravel the sabbatical?
    Why is tenure viewed as something radical?

    Why are so many kids speaking incorrectly?
    Why aren’t dictionaries and thesauruses a necessity?

    Why are teachers teaching to the test?
    Why are Pre- Kindergartners being assessed?

    Why are NYC Schools segregated?
    Why is the new curriculum over rated?

    And why do teachers have to work a second job?
    And why is it the teachers’ fault when they are robbed?

    Why must teachers purchase a “school supply”?
    Why does Teachers’ Choice begin in August and not July?

    Why is one hundred dollars,a stipend for a teacher,
    when a thousand dollars would be sweeter?

    Why is a teacher guilty until proven innocent?
    Why is everyone else’s opinion but the teacher’s more significant?

    Why are they still finding asbestos,PCBs, and lead in classrooms?
    Why do teachers’ complaints sound like looney tunes?

    Why are new teachers leaving the public school system?
    Why is it longevity is not a part of the teachers’ vision?

    Why won’t NYC public schools close in treacherous weather?
    Why is it other municipalities can “get it together”?

    Why are NYC public schools in such bad condition?
    Why is the government building so many state-of-the-art prisons?

    Why did they put “an army of police” in NYC Public High Schools?
    Why is there more money for metal detectors than educational tools?

    Why aren’t trees and shrubs cultivated outside school buildings?
    Why don’t that check into how school kids are living?

    Why aren’t there more gifted and talented classes?
    Why is special education more and more inclusive of inner city masses?

    Why is dissent seen as disloyalty?
    Why are unanswered questions a teacher’s reality?

    Why does one inclusion teacher have to stand alone,
    When the other teacher is sick at home?

    Why isn’t there a substitute,
    When there is plenty of budget loot?

    Why is one cluster teacher covering for two,
    When inclusion mandates what to do?

    And why are 13 students in a Special Ed class?
    And why isn’t the kid’s waiver in at last?

    Why does the teacher stand alone,
    When the Para is sick at home?

    And what happened to 12:1:1,
    Why can’t Johnny read and find the sum?

    Why is staff development for lunch,
    With Bayer & Tums the dessert teachers munch?

    Why are loss of preps an issue?
    Why is Kleenex a conference tissue?

    Why are 5 absences questioned?
    Why is a lockdown a schoolwide suggestion?

    Why are mass preps still given?
    Why are school aides and teachers driven?

    “Why they gotta open your package and read your mail”
    Why is school almost synonymous with jail?

    Why is harassment so hard to prove?
    Why are rubber rooms the next move?


    Phyllis Murray,
    UFT Chapter Leader