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A Tactic That Speaks For Itself

The editorial pages of the New York Post are nothing if not predictable. Last Friday’s attack on the UFT and unionized charter schools, ostensibly based on the exam scores at the UFT charter school, was one more in a long series of such sallies, as unexpected as the rising and setting of the sun.

What was unusual was the extent of outright misrepresentation employed by the Post.

Last week, the State Education Department sent the results for this year’s Math exams to all schools and school districts, embargoing their publication until today. At the UFT Charter School, 82% of all students scored a three or four, a 10% increase over last year. What is more, just under three-quarters of the students in the charter school who were tested are in the middle school years, grades which scored lower than the elementary schools years across the city and state, so our aggregate results are skewed.  In the middle school years, the UFT Charter School results are as much as 20% higher than the surrounding district.

Knowing these results and knowing that we could not respond with the truth until today, the Post rushed an editorial into print last Friday that falsely reported last year’s Math scores at the school as this year’s scores.

That tactic speaks for itself.


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