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Charter Schools and High Teacher Attrition — Are Contracts the Answer?

A recent blog post by Halley Potter of the Century Foundation makes an interesting point about a recent report about teacher turnover in charter schools. Based on a study of teacher turnover in charter schools and district schools in Wisconsin, the report’s authors suggested that charters had similar rates of turnover to district schools with comparable teacher and student demographics (among other factors). As Potter points out, however, Wisconsin is almost unique in the country in requiring most of its charter schools to offer their teachers the same contractual rights as those of teachers in its district schools. Could one lesson of this study be that charters which are trying to reduce high turnover in their teaching staffs should begin by recognizing their teachers’ right to organize unions and negotiate contracts?


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  • 1 Bronxactivist
    · Nov 16, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    They only speak about public school teachers and how they quit so easily. Why do they do not publish how most principals and administrators in the DOE got their jobs. They should also publish all safety and special education complaints along with the gross negligence in many of these cases. Publish every problem that is reported and all cases of retaliation and harassment. Also publish all “U” rating hearings and grievance hearings so the public can see how little rights teachers actually have. Also publish the DOE’s C-30 list of ineligible employees and why those employees were banned as employees. Also publish all evaluations of teachers and principals and see how easy it is to give a “U” without any proof or using any ethical standards. It is easy to get rid of a public schools teacher and pressure them out imagine how easy it is to get rid of a charter schools teacher. At the rate we are going there will be no more long term teachers just temporary workers just looking for the next career .