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Dumbing Down Trash Talk: DoE’s Cantor On The UFT’s Proposal For Charter School Reform

Chad OchocincoResponding to the UFT’s proposals for reform of the charter school law, the New York City Department of Education public relations flack David Cantor goes all Chad Ochocinco on us.


Once again the union is standing up for its members rather than kids by creating roadblocks and obstacles to the growth of charter schools, which definitive independent research, President Obama and the Regents have all said are crucial to our children’s future.  The union’s proposal to constrain charters risks undermining New York’s shot at winning hundreds of millions of Race to the Top dollars while thwarting the efforts of thousands of parents who are demanding these innovative schools for their children. The ultimate aim of the union’s proposal is to destroy or unionize all charters.

To borrow a felicitous turn of phrase from New York Times sportswriter Mike Tanier, Cantor’s Ochocinco impersonation is dumbing down trash talk.

And like Ochocinco’s performance last night, Cantor is ‘0’ for the game. He doesn’t even pretend to address the main issues raised in the UFT’s report — the failure of charter schools to educate their far share of the neediest students, the profiteering off public funds which should be going to the classroom, the lack of transparency and accountability, the need to fix the broken charter funding formula. No, in a completely transparent way, it’s all about Tweed’s agenda to make sure that charter schools are not union schools.

Perhaps it was all because of an injury to Cantor’s typing fingers, and we should be praying for his quick recovery.