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Education Roundup

I personally discovered blogs accidentally in early 2003 and have been hooked ever since. Most  readers, journalists, and some blog writers have no clue how fully informed, matured and compartmentalized the blogosphere has become in recent years.

The Education portion of the blogosphere is no exception and there is a Carnival of Education each week that represents a compilation of posts from various blogs. The Carnival this week is hosted at the Education Wonks, not to be confused with the PPI sponsored Eduwonk. Do check it out.

Sara Mead at Eduwonk has a post about a recent Center for American Progress report on improving public education.

We’ve gotten some praise as well as constructive suggestions over the last week. We appreciate the praise, and we’re working on improving the functionality of EdWize

Update: I had incorrectly given Adnrew at EduWonk credit for a post written by Sara Mead.