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EFCA: Keep Up the Fight

If workers keep their mouths shut, their noses clean and stop busting chops and bucking their bosses, they will, if management sees fit, be paid fairly so that, provided they are not ingrates or spendthrifts, they will do just fine being one paycheck ahead of eviction and the need to forage through dumpsters to find sustenance for their sick kid who is medically unattended because his parent’s employer is no believer in investing in cost-ineffective luxuries like health insurance.

That’s the credo of the business community and their shills in the Department of Commerce and the Republican Party.  That’s why the American Society of Employers has published a “toolkit” including links on “Warning Signs of Unionization,” and “Strategies to Stay Union Free.”

They are obsessed with the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and have with hysterical focus targeted that pending legislation which, if enacted, would eliminate employer restrictions on workers joining unions. EFCA would force employers to recognize a union if a majority of workers signed cards in support of unionization. The employers covet the continuation of their current practice, (common, though not universal) of terrorizing workers who are suspected as favoring collective bargaining in their workplace.

They have already been partially successful. With the help of a few Quisling Democrats, the Republicans and their acolytes have gotten the “card-check” provision of the original bill jettisoned.  They also oppose binding arbitration when employers will not come to an agreement with a union.

Do not allow EFCA to flicker out on the legislative backburner. The push for it is “old news” but the urgency of its passage is timelier than ever. Contact your U.S. senators and members of Congress. Fight for this pro-American law!