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Green Dot: The Simple Facts

At Edwize, we don’t begrudge anyone a rich fantasy life. But the NYC Green Dot school and the UFT’s partnership with Green Dot is too important to let disinformation stand uncorrected.

Here are the simple facts.

1. The process of negotiating the collective bargaining agreement which will govern the school staff has just begun. Both as a matter of principle [the UFT believes that the staff of the school should be the primary actors in the negotiations] and as a matter of New York charter school law and public employee relations law, the negotiations process could not begin until the staff was in place, and they had indicated that they wanted the UFT to represent them in collective bargaining. Since we have yet to hold the first negotiation session, much less reached a meeting of the minds, any suggestion that there is already a negotiated contract has no basis in fact.

2. I did not write the Edwize post attributed to me. Regular readers of Edwize know that when I write, I do so under my own name, as I do here now. I may be many things, but reluctant to take responsibility for what I write is not one of them. While Edwize contributors generally publish under their names, there are very good reasons why UFT staff responsible for organizing charter schools would not follow that practice, given that — in stark contrast to Green Dot — many charter schools fiercely resist the right of their staffs to organize and bargain collectively.

3. The post responded to the New York Post editorial on the NYC Green Dot school, since they misrepresented the prominent role of a teacher union and a collective bargaining agreement in the success of the Green Dot schools in Los Angeles.



  • 1 NYC Educator
    · Sep 18, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    First, I apologize for attributing the post to you. That was my mistake and I will correct it.

    Please tell us how often the Green Dot “just cause” has actually been used. Also, could you please tell us how often it has resulted in protecting teacher positions?

    Thank you.

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