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Holiday Roundup

The Carnival of Education is up at the Education Wonks.

Don’t miss the Advocate Weekly from last week at Shut Up and Teach, (it’s the bunk bed version)

The Gotham Gazette the definitive website of everything wonkish in NYC, put together a rather comprehensive article on Charter Schools in NYC that’s worth a read. If you haven’t read Leo Casey’s post from last week about the seminar put together for charter schools by some prominent union busting law firms; it’s an important read, and it’s been excerpted by several other blogs over the last week.

Confined Spaces, a workplace safe and health blog has a round up of the UFT’s efforts to deal with blood-borne pathogens in schools. 

The following are two small excerpts that we’d like to share from an e-mail blast that goes to chapter leaders every week.

FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Are you in a Title I school in the Bronx, Washington Heights or Harlem? Then your teachers could be eligible for up to $500 of school supplies from World Vision, a charitable organization. These supplies are for teachers in low-income schools.  Each teacher can get from $300-$500 dollars worth of supplies that include books, markers, pens, pencils, art supplies, staplers, tape, notebooks, binders and much more. The warehouse is located in the Bronx and the telephone number is 718-292-5600. Your principal has to place the call in order to get the form which is then faxed to the warehouse. The organization will then arrange a date for the school to come to pick up the supplies. 

The UFT established a Disaster Relief Fund to help in disaster situations like that visited on the Gulf Coast states this year. The Committee along with the AFT has set a goal of $2,000,000 to assist our brothers and sisters. The UFT commitment to that national relief effort is $400,000. To meet the goal we are asking our members to purchase the UFT Relief Fund pin by making a donation or $10.00. All monies will be used to assist all our members.

Finally, what is everyone reading over the holiday weekend? I just picked up Frank McCourt’s latest, Teacher Man.


1 Comment:

  • 1 Chaz
    · Nov 27, 2005 at 10:13 am

    I just finished Saturday’s NY Times and read with interest about the dumming down of the State Tests to show progress. I always suspected that the percentage of students with adequate reading and math skills were not improving as they reached high school and this article appears to confirm that.

    It is about time that parents understand that it is important for their children to get a quality education and part of that quality education is parental involvement!

    The UFT should be holding the DOE’s feet to the fire and demand more teacher control of the classroom, not less. Classroom teachers are best able to determine the weaknesses of a student even if it means that parents are required to attend periodic meetings with the teacher to address those weaknesses. An uninvolved parent is usually linked with poor academic performance and disipline issues by the student.

    Too many people excuse the parent for the student’s lack of progress. It’s about time the parents and their apologists wake up that good learning starts at home!