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How Dumb Is That?

Yes, we know teachers are not supposed to use words like “dumb.”

But after we read this Huffington Post piece by Tom Carroll, aficionado of the far right who heads up the New York Charter School Association and graces the editorial pages of the New York Post on a regular basis, we are at a loss for any other word.

How else can one characterize an argument declaring that the School Based Option clause in our collective bargaining agreement is evidence that the contract is too restrictive? The whole purpose of that clause is to allow a school community, acting democratically and in collaboration, to trade in precise regulations governing matters such as school schedules for real teacher voice in determining those matters. It is, in sum, the very part of the contract that encourages educational innovation and creativity at the school level, and it has a track record of over a decade of success behind it.

We appreciate the Carroll wants neither  regulation nor teacher voice, but his blinding ideology has sent him spinning into a Orwellesque world where war is peace and freedom is slavery. A clause in the contract that allows schools to change regulations governing much of their operations may be many things to many people, but they are some things it clearly is not — and at the top of that list has to be a set of “restrictive work rules.”

With enemies like Carroll, the New Haven contract must be pretty damn good.