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How Not to Close a School

EdVox has a must-read first-person account of what it’s like to be a student in a high school being “phased out” by the DOE. The author, Melissa Kissoon, is a recent graduate of Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn, which stopped accepting freshman in 2007 and will graduate its last seniors this year:

There is no longer school pride, there is no drive to be there, there is no encouragement to pass, there are no familiar teachers, there are no resources around to help us pass. All that remains is a push, a push out of the school by any means possible.

I graduated and I’m in college now. But I look back at the last four years of my life and I feel robbed of my high school experience. My school was no longer MY school; I was basically being kicked out of a school that made a promise to support me and give me all I need to pass.