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In Queens This Morning

Angry teachers, paras, parents and community members in Queens protest the treatment of teachers under the Bloomberg/Klein administration. Do you have pictures of actions at your school? Send them to blog -at- uft -dot- org



  • 1 firebrand
    · Sep 29, 2005 at 7:16 pm

    Looks like the mayor is pouting again. I just called the number on the fliers and was waiting to be connected to the mayor’s office…and the phone rang until the phone company cut me off….no one picked up…guess he doesn’t care…ooops we knew that didn’t we?

  • 2 Jack
    · Sep 29, 2005 at 7:20 pm

    I just called oir “illustrious” Mayor thanks to Randi’s e-mail campaign, and got through to his office. Well needless to say Bloomberg now knows how I feel about a fair contract! I want one now!

  • 3 steadyeddieg
    · Sep 29, 2005 at 9:58 pm

    Even though I’m retired and therefore away from the madness, I am disgusted to have read the last teacher newspaper. Ms. Weingarten should be given the heave ho. How dare she present such contract proposals to the membership. If you vote for this, you will never get these hard fought items back.
    Let Bloomy, Klein and Weiny teach under the conditions they are advocating.
    This union needs a Mike Quill type leader. One who will stand up for the membership and not sell them out like this woman is prepared to do.
    Teachers did not go to college to patrol hallways and do cafeteria duty. Let the principals watch the darlings so we can see how little control they really have.
    After they leave their positions, let Bloomy, Klein and Randi teach in public schools but only under the conditions they are espousing. Boy, would they get a u-rating. They deserve u-ratings now.

  • 4 steadyeddieg
    · Oct 2, 2005 at 12:41 pm

    Anyone read today’s Daily News Editorial? Let Morty Zuckerman and his cohorts work under the conditions they are espousing!
    We’re getting there. Soon, we will have to ask the principal’s permission before we can hit the toilet!
    Remember how we looked forward to a new contract? Now,a new contract is a curse. We don’t know what we will lose next? UNITY CAUCUS-WHAT ARE OUR DEMANDS REGARDING WORKING CONDITIONS?

  • 5 firebrand
    · Oct 4, 2005 at 7:05 am

    Looks like Randi will get booed on Oct 11th. I won’t vote “yes” for this thing and I predict that at least half of the Delegate body will reject it too.

    I say vote no and support Freddy very very very strongly. Maybe he’ll get in office by a thin margin and he will give us a better deal.

    I don’t know how she’ll look us in the face after “tentatively agreeing” to that. They better not serve oranges and apples at the next DA or she runs the risk of being pelted with them!

    Anyone remember “Apples and Worms” that used to run in the UFT paper? Big ol mealy worm for RW and this “tentative contract”

  • 6 Frank48
    · Oct 5, 2005 at 8:01 am

    Responding to some points:

    The UFT got 15% instead of 11% because they added a year to the contract – four instead of three. No big victory there.

    We did lose a LOT of the union in losing the right to grieve letters. How is that a UFT win in any way? It’s a complete capitulation of a union’s purpose .

    In all the papers today, the 15% is called a raise. When you work more, for less salary, this is not a raise. Boy does Bloomie have ALL the media outlets bribed in this town? He obviously has Weingarten in his rather large pockets.

    Nothing is mentioned about the horrible violence and chaos which reigns in many of these schools. Personal responsibility has been waived in certain cases ( students, parents) but tripled on the teacher’s backs . The students literally fight like wild animals in my school, ALL DAY LONG. Tell me, what effect does this have on the educational performance in our building? Oh sorry, I forgot, this is MY FAULT as well ! Why isn’t this chronic situation ever mentioned?

    With this new contract, a teacher can be on potty patrol, and be accused by any student of looking in the wrong place. That would be enough, under the new contract, of suspending the teacher without pay for months, pending a hearing. A hearing which will be weighted against the teacher no doubt. Now, a student can make any accusation, and the teacher can be suspended without pay. Way to go Randi – great job! or better – great way to get jobbed !

    Someone with a legal background, or laywers should be hired to explore the constitutionality of losing basic civil rights of due process. How can you be suspended without pay and be presumed guilty rather than innocent ? How can we lose the right to grieve accusations in the form of letters from principals and other admin. ? What is this – some type of gulag? This is America ! Yet we’re allowed to be cursed at and disrespected in so many ways by certain students, while being blamed for ALL that is wrong with the results.

    There’s much more to say here, but don’t have the time at this time. Suffice it to say that this contract is all for Bloomie, and nothing for the teachers. Weingarten has dismally failed in her primary role. She should be immediately removed from her office. The creepiest part of this all is how our vote for this piece of shit comes AFTER Election Day, so we let off Bloomie here as well. What a shafting we just received !

  • 7 DanceKerr
    · Oct 11, 2005 at 7:29 pm

    I agree Frank48 the UFT President has indeed failed us teachers. Let’s hope that every UFT member has the good sense at this point to vote down this pending contact agreement.