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New teachers’ contract will benefit students

The new teachers’ contract is a win for students as well as educators, writes Greg Anrig in a blog post at the Century Foundation.

Calling the contract’s approach “the inverse of the top-down, improve-or-else philosophy pursued by former mayor Michael Bloomberg,” Anrig writes, “The new organizational practices embedded in the ratified UFT contract emulate strategies that have improved student outcomes, according to mounting research published over the past decade.”

Anrig identifies identify three central pillars, supported by a wealth of research on education, that will benefit students:

  • Enabling teachers and their union to be formally included in decision-making about most aspects of school operations
  • Creating opportunities for teachers to receive ongoing advice from peers and other instructional experts, much as athletes are coached on how to improve their performance
  • Strengthening connections between teachers and parents

“Those changes are intended to build trust among all the stakeholders in public schools, provide teachers with new opportunities to influence decisions beyond the classroom, and create systems for improving the quality of teaching day-in and day-out,” Anrig concludes.

Read the full article here.


1 Comment:

  • 1 Karen Williams
    · Jun 30, 2014 at 7:31 am

    I’m very unhappy about the “new” UFT Contract & opted against it. Here’s why: The claim is that teachers will receive every penny of our retroactive pay (in my case over $30 K) but it’s a lie. You receive the retro-pay ($ you already earned) ONLY IF you stay teaching until 2020. Anyone who retires before that is now considered “resigning” and only gets the pay to when they exit. We are, in effect, being held hostage for pay we already earned! So the UFT & City figured out a way to not pay people– knowing full-well that only 13% of teachers reach their maximum service. On top of that, our yearly increases are less than 3%– when NYC cost of living is 6%. The LIRR workers g0t a 17% increase over 6-7 years– we got zip.