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New York Teacher

Highlights from the latest issue of New York Teacher:

70,000 rally to protect communities

With upwards of 70,000 labor union members and community groups flooding lower Broadway on a frigid late afternoon on March 5, New York City showed once again that it is a town that cares.

What was it about President Obama’s first major speech on education that left so many teachers surprised, disappointed, and even angry? UFT President Randi Weingarten offers her perspective.

Once again this year the UFT is pressuring the DOE to scuttle excessive paperwork requirements that have buried teachers.

Despite an agreement to preserve staff parking near schools, the UFT says that parking in some places has been reduced and the city is not adhering to the deal.

After a two-year struggle, an elementary school staff is celebrating a fresh start after their bumbling, disrespectful principal is removed.

The State Education Department announced that there has been a significant decline in the number of newly identified SURR schools.

The second in a series of all-day, UFT-sponsored job conferences was held for ATRs looking for full-time positions and who could use a brush-up on their job search skills.

The Lincoln Center Institute provides educators with exposure to art, artists and a unique process of teaching and learning.

UFT members and students at two Brooklyn schools celebrated the 11th annual National Education Association’s  “Read Across America Day.”

Students at IS 293 in Manhattan, the City College Academy for the Arts, received a treat when the VH1 Save the Music Foundation paid a visit with two well-known stars in tow.