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New York Teacher

Weingarten announces she will step down as UFT presidentHighlights from the latest issue of New York Teacher:

It was standing room only, overflowing with those who had come to say goodbye to and celebrate the leadership of Randi Weingarten, who was stepping down as UFT president.

Negotiations between the UFT and the city over pensions resulted in a big win — since approved by the June 24 Delegate Assembly — that preserves the union’s age 55 retirement plan and restores the traditional post-Labor Day school start for members.

The UFT and the Green Dot New York Charter School signed an agreement that UFT President Randi Weingarten said “is based on a very basic premise: Teacher professionalism is the surest path to sustained student achievement.”

The UFT gave away $1 million in scholarship awards 4 to the young men and women of the city’s public schools.

Current and former students recognized their teachers for doing that little something extra in New York City public schools as part of the second annual “Thank a Teacher” campaign.

There was an urgency at the 46th annual Retired Teachers Chapter Luncheon on June 8: an urgency about the precarious economic times we’re living in.

There were wise old sayings circulating at the UFT’s 23rd annual School Secretaries of the Year Gala Awards Luncheon, such as: “You don’t mess with school secretaries.”

Two years ago, English teacher Mary Ciccaroni was approached by her Forest Hills HS principal about ways to improve school spirit and morale.

Ratcheting up pressure on city officials to do the right thing as they finalized the new city education budget, the UFT won back two key programs — Teacher’s Choice and Provider’s Choice — whose continued funding was at risk.

The UFT’s There Is No Excuse campaign is turning a spotlight on special education violations citywide.