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New York Teacher

New York TeacherHighlights from the Nov. 26 issue of New York Teacher:

At a time when workers’ benefits are eroding and becoming more costly nationwide, the UFT is enhancing the package of benefits offered by its Welfare Fund, UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced at the Nov. 18 Delegate Assembly.

With state midyear budget cuts up in the air as Gov. David Paterson and state lawmakers remained locked in disagreement, the outlook for school budgets remains murky.

To visit Elizabeth Josephson’s classroom at Island Academy, you go through the same routine, and checkpoints as someone visiting an inmate at Riker’s. She left teaching at college and private school to reach out to these students.

UFT delegates at their Nov. 18 meeting overwhelmingly approved a resolution that authorizes the union leadership to seek the intervention of the state’s Public Employment Relations Board if necessary.

While congratulating schools and teachers that earned bonuses for reaching their improvement targets, UFT President Michael Mulgrew criticized the DOE’s grading system for the High School Progress Reports.

A 98-year-old man who was bed-bound in his apartment went outside and felt the sun on his cheeks for the first time in 20 years — because of the determination of his Federation of Nurses/UFT nurse.

“We need to make sure that every school has a functioning, collaborative safety plan in place. I’m here to tell you they do not,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew told the City Council at a Nov. 10 hearing.

More and more city school children are enjoying a “snap, crackle and pop” start to their school day as the Breakfast in the Classroom campaign picks up speed.

To counter the daily dose of disinformation from the Post or Daily News, the UFT needs to recruit a “volunteer army” to get out the real story, President Michael Mulgrew said at the Nov. 18 Delegate Assembly.

UFT delegates overwhelmingly passed a resolution to condemn the June 28 military coup in Honduras and to restore the democratically elected president, and learned about the role of the Honduran teacher union in the struggle for democracy.