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New York Teacher

New York Teacher, Sept. 27, 2012Highlights from the September 27 issue of New York Teacher:

Three teachers, one opening day
How they welcomed the city’s littlest, biggest and in-between as another school year begins: There were tears, fears and fun as kindergarteners experienced their first day of school at PS 315 in Manhattan, awesome rules at MS 244 in the Bronx, and smooth sailing for high schoolers at Cardozo HS in Queens.

Strokes of genius
As the sun sets through the trees of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the work is just beginning for members of Row New York, who are perfecting their mechanics in preparation for an upcoming regatta.

Six off and running in community schools pilot
Six city schools will reach out to their communities this year to bring neighborhood resources, medical programs and social services to their buildings, thanks to a combined grant from the UFT, the City Council and the Partnership for New York City.

President’s column
Lesson of Chicago strike: Be sure to vote
With their bold seven-day strike, our brothers and sisters in the Chicago Teachers Union have won an important victory in their fight to push back the misguided political agendas of so-called “education reformers” that are causing harm in their schools.

Teacher to teacher
Taming the beast: Making learning possible in overcrowded classrooms

District 75 school in Brooklyn beats back city plan to break it apart
The school community at P53, in Brooklyn’s East New York, may have bid farewell to their longtime school building last spring, but the school’s teachers, parents and students began this school year together, thanks to an impressive victory they won against the city’s Panel for Educational Policy last year.

Grievance settlement gives protections to teachers in excess
The recent settlement of a union-initiated grievance provides stronger protections for teachers serving in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool and new provisions governing their assignments.

PCB woes show DOE’s poor repair timeline
Just days into the school year, teachers and students at two schools have faced the risk of PCB-laden light fixtures leaking into their classrooms and offices.