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New York Teacher

Highlights from the latest issue of New York Teacher:

Delegates call for 'full mobilization' against school cuts

The UFT Delegate Assembly voted unanimously to “mount an all-out fight against disinvestment in public education.”

Teachers at the KIPP AMP Academy Charter School in Crown Heights informed the school’s administration that they want the UFT to represent them.

The UFT held the first in a series of conferences for members in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool to teach job search skills and to tape “video cover letters” to post on the union’s new job-bank Web site.

The state ruled that Chancellor Klein improperly stripped school leadership teams of their mandated responsibility to develop school Comprehensive Education Plans.

Twenty-seven New York City public school teachers received congratulations and checks worth thousands of dollars during an awards ceremony for the Teacher Center Mini-Grant Program.

Leeway, autonomy, initiative, participatory are not words plucked from a 9th-grade vocabulary test but the words that bubble up in conversation when faculty members at International HS at Lafayette in Bensonhurst talk about their work and their school.

An independent arbitrator agreed with the UFT that the Department of Education did not have the right to terminate teaching fellows on Dec. 5.

For the second time in a year, the staff from Brooklyn’s PS 114, Brooklyn — this time joined by parents — staged a rally in frigid temperatures to protest their “principal from hell” and her imperious, incompetent leadership.

Residents of Harlem’s Henry Brooks Senior Housing Facility would not trade a thing for their Speech Teacher Fridays.