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New York Teacher

Highlights from the latest issue of New York Teacher:

Preliminary city budget targets 15,000 teachers for layoffs

UFT President Randi Weingarten called the mayor’s plan to lay off 15,630 Department of Education positions “shockingly disproportionate and unfair.”

Preparations began for the “biggest rally in the history of this union on March 5” outside City Hall.

President Barack Obama’s inauguration captured the imagination of educators and students like no other event in recent memory.

The UFT offered the mayor numerous ways to find savings and generate added city revenue.

Teachers and parents called on Mayor Bloomberg to use funds from any coming federal stimulus package to repair schools and to build new ones.

A concerted effort by the UFT has resulted in a significant increase in money contributed to the union’s Committee on Political Education.

PS 82 is the largest elementary school in the Bronx, and it’s also a “school that works.”

Excerpts from the “Ensuring an Effective School Governance Framework” report.

Marian Bowden, principal of MS 393 in Bedford Stuyvesant, is facing an alphabet soup of charges and investigations, and a new set of UFT grievances

Students at PS 3 in Manhattan are now privy to what life was like in 1917.