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No Goat For You!

New Jersey Governor Chris ChristieSome ancient tribes developed an ingenious, convenient and fail-safe trick to avoid fantasized divine retribution for their self-supposed guilt. They diverted all responsibility and its dire consequences to a blameless proxy: goats.

Any goat was right for the job. Once picked it was thereby culpable and sent away or sacrificed. Its relegation to the wilderness or the altar served the purpose of allowing people to escape the entrapments of contrition and carry on with their lives as before. It came in very handy.

That was and remains the beauty of scapegoats. They are among the most adaptable or history’s premier fixtures and forces.

And New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a great believer in the efficacy of scapegoats.

He could teach a course in Defamatory Science. His bloodlust and obsession with teacher unions, which he has “goated” as morally unsanitary, could constitute a waiver for his lacking credentials.

He talks more about teacher unions, always in the same hateful and ignorant terms, than he reportedly does about all other problems in the world combined. At every public appearance he seizes any chance to spit unsolicited and unprovoked disdain. Where there is no natural opportunity he creates one. He sees teacher unions as one of the universe’s primary evils.

Being an antagonist of teacher unions doesn’t necessarily make a person vile, although it tends to point the subject in that direction. There’s nothing wrong, in fact it may be wholesome, to debate strengths and weaknesses from differing perspectives guided by common sense and good will. Some adversaries make their points respectfully while, by accidental virtue of their folly, advance the arguments of teacher unions.

But Christie is not among them. He thinks teacher unions have horns. Like goats and devils.

Last week at the Jeb Bush Annual Summit in Washington, D.C., he delivered a 50-minute keynote speech on education reform. The same nefarious anti-public school foundations and corporate agents that keep popping up like rodents in the Whac-A-Mole game popular in amusement parks sponsor this event.

Same template. Same agenda: vouchers, “accountability” as they define it, and healing education by making teachers heel, etc.

Christie said, “It is time to do what teachers’ unions say they do everyday — put the kids first.” The governor, an expert on architectural aesthetics, then slaps the teachers’ union offices, which he calls a “palace” and snivels about the selfish use to which members’ dues are put.

You can add Christie’s warped and sweeping condemnation of teacher unions to the short list of life’s identified certainties of death and taxes.

He is an incorrigible propagandist posing as an incorruptible politician.


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  • 1 Gary C
    · Dec 16, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    As always, an astute and insightful perspective.