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NY Post: Certified Wrong

A New York Post editorial a few days ago made light of teacher certification and treated it as a meaningless technicality that the UFT is clinging to in order to advance its self-serving agenda. The union had simply taken the position that certification requirements should be enforced in charter schools with the same consistency as they are in other schools. Does the New York ComPost feel that professional qualifications are otherwise irrelevant? Would its board members take their ailing children to a doctor who was not board-certified? Would they trust a person with the title “accountant” who was not a CPA? Would they entrust their freedom to an attorney who went by that title but had not passed the bar? Would they board a plane whose pilot was not certified by the FAA? Do they deny that teaching is a legitimate profession? If not, then why ridicule the union for upholding the validity of the credentials of the education profession? Job qualifications are not “technicalities.” The Post supported the mayor a few years ago when he insisted on teachers being certified and ignorant people at the time blamed the union for supposedly protecting non-certified teachers for its own selfish reasons. Nonsense! The union is right to stand up for standards and against hypocrisy.