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Obama: Labor is Part of the Solution

President Obama addressed the AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention in Pittsburgh today, Sept. 15.

He spoke about the urgent need for health care reform and reiterated his support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

These are the reforms I’m proposing. These are the reforms labor has been championing. These are the reforms the American people need. And these are the reforms I intend to sign into law.

Quality, affordable health insurance. A world-class education. Good jobs that pay well and can’t be outsourced. A strong labor movement. That’s how we’ll lift up hardworking families. That’s how we’ll grow our middle class. That’s how we’ll put opportunity within reach in the United States of America.

The AFL-CIO Now Blog has a recap, and a transcript of the speech is here.


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  • 1 Andrea Beau
    · Sep 19, 2009 at 11:46 am

    I am proud to announce that I’m part of the “Middle class” would love to remained in the labor work force until I retired for survival purposes. Labor keeps contentment in and justice in the home. President Obama hears the cries of millions of American trying to struggle to survival in a costly world of the necessities. Life should not be a choice to pay medical expense or housing which many American suffer from. Without medicare insurance plan, I would not be able to pay my costly rent. I am with you Obama for the fight affordable health insurance and reform labor.