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Philadelphia Follies Continue, As Vallas Prepares To Take His Show On The Road

What’s absolutely stunning about the continuing fascination with “multiple provider” models of outsourcing public schools to private management is the obliviousness of its leading adherents to the disastrous results in the two major urban school districts — New Orleans and Philadelphia — where the model has been tried. In the past, Edwize has pointed out major studies highlighting the failures of both experiments, here and here.

This week’s news brings to light yet another exposé of the failures in Philadelphia — this time an internal district study that Philadelphia school district head Paul Vallas had done his best to deep six, as it had concluded that the district should pull the plug on the contracts with every one of the six private EMOs. The intrepid Philadelphia Public School Notebook published the report on its website, and the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on its details. The AFT’s NCLBlog reports on it here.

Vallas is now triumphantly heading off to New Orleans, as if he was a conquering hero. He seems to have become the Sanjaya Malakar of American education — you watch his performance, and you’re damned if you can figure out what people see in him. Where is Simon Cowell now that we need him?


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