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Pressman: Parents Battle for a Say in Educational Policy

This week’s Panel for Education Policy meeting made it clear that the DOE is not serious about including parents in the decision-making process, according to NBC’s Gabe Pressman.

When the Mayor took control of the city’s schools, he promised to make them better.

Whether he kept that promise is debatable. But whether he has made parents part of the improvement process is not. They are definitely excluded. And that’s a shame.

He goes on to write:

It’s easy to understand the frustration and anger of the parents. But they are learning a practical lesson in how a supposedly democratic process can be distorted to suppress opposition.

The Mayor himself could benefit from some education. He could use a crash course in the values of democracy. The educational policy panel is not there just to ratify decisions already made.

Read the entire piece at NBC New York.


1 Comment:

  • 1 Phyllis C. Murray
    · Jan 30, 2010 at 8:55 am

    “In the budget proposal that he unveiled on Jan. 28, Mayor Bloomberg asks teachers and principals to accept 2 percent raises for the next two years instead of the standard 4 percent. If they don’t agree, he’s threatening to slash school budgets 2.3 percent and cut 2,500 jobs.”Visit: uft.org

    I have been a member of the UFT since 1963. Therefore I can honestly state that the UFT has never negotiated a contract in a fishbowl. It is a shame that New York City Hall officials have found it necessary to go to the press and propose various and sundry items in a vacuum to confuse the populace into believing that negotiations are taking place.

    It is time to have honest and closed negotiations between the two parties who are stakeholders: The City of New York and the UFT. New York State Labor Laws dictate how negotiations have to take place. These laws must be adhered to by all parties.

    Surely New York City teachers deserve to be treated with respect. Teachers are the bedrock of NYC. Therefore I agree with President Mulgrew who stated he following:

    “The UFT has a history of working with elected officials to find new revenues and to minimize the damage of budget cuts to schools and children. The mayor’s proposal is simply unacceptable. We are at the beginning of the budget process. The UFT will continue — as we have always done — to work to protect the schools of New York City.”

    The budget proposal that the Mayor unveiled on Jan. 28, appears to be an attempt to control the media and force citizens to listen to propaganda. We have labor laws. We must use them to prevent the city from stalling negotiations. Mediation and Arbitration are needed and must be conducted. And the best time is now. It’s elementary.
    Phyllis C. Murray, Chapter Leader 75X