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Stella D’Oro Rally Canceled

The rally planned for Wednesday has been canceled.

From stelladorostrike.com:

Great news! We now have reason to believe that Lance, Inc. has backed out of the deal to buy the Stella D’oro brand from Brynwood Partners!

This is a very important victory, although we cannot claim credit for it. Our efforts to pressure them and their investors probably had some impact, but no one can say for sure why they made their ultimate decision. But, whatever their reasons, it is wonderful news!

Given this recent development, the event at Barclays Capital this Wednesday has been canceled.

We’re more than happy to discuss the situation or our decision further — just use the “contact us” form.

In the meanwhile, we’d like to thank all of you for your help in defeating this damning deal between Lance and Brynwood Partners. Now it’s forward on to the next battle to keep Stella D’oro in the Bronx and under a union contract!

Stella D’oro Solidarity Committee

PS: Please forward this note to anyone with whom you had spoken about the event this Wednesday. We’d like to make sure supporters hear the news with ample time to change their plans. Thanks!