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Student Attrition at Harlem Success Academy

A post this week at Insideschools.org raised some familiar questions about student attrition and test scores at Eva Moskowitz’s Harlem Success Academy I.

Many uptown Manhattan parents hope that winning the lottery for a seat at Harlem Success Academy I will put their child on the path to academic achievement. But just because a child gets into Harlem Success does not mean he or she will complete 5th grade there. The school — part of Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy network — has a high attrition rate, leading critics to charge that the school may push out low achieving or difficult students.

Harlem Success denies that’s the case, and says the attrition can be explained by children moving away–or even skipping a grade. Without better data from the state, it’s impossible to say who is right. But one thing is certain: Harlem Success loses a lot of kids between kindergarten and 5th grade.

In an email to Insideschools, our own Leo Casey wrote, “It may be significant that the bulk of the attrition at Harlem Success Academy 1 seems to have come in the tested grades.”


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  • 1 Dan McConnell
    · Jun 17, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    I would say it could be significant,and at least noteworthy, if the bulk of attrition occurs in the tested grades. How much money would come from students admitted then “released” (attritioned?) before they could be tested? Would it be enough to encourage this practice in a model geared for profits first, then learners-as long as it’s profitable? Would politicians benefit from cooperating in such a design? Have they already? Would it be the same politicians criticizing public schools and helping push students toward private/profit models?