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Students Need Someone to Advocate For Them

EDUsolidarityThis post is a contribution to EDUSolidarity, the net roots campaign of hundreds of American teachers explaining “why teachers like me support teacher unions.”

by Jason Leibowitz
IS 125Q

I am involved with the union because students need someone to advocate for them. When class sizes are over the contractual limit, it is the teachers who need to speak up and be the voices for the students. This past year, class sizes for my grade were over the contractual limit. It took awhile, but with the help of the UFT, we were able to win a grievance and hire a teacher to reduce the class sizes.

I am also involved in the union, because I know past union activists have fought for the rights we currently have and it is now our job to make sure we maintain these rights. I have heard many stories about how things use to be and the struggles teachers had. Yes, we still have struggles, but we would be in a much worse situation if we did not have a union who fights for our rights.

As I mentioned before, our students need people to stand up and fight for their right to have a quality education. A child only gets one chance at an education. Their education is not like a video game where they get do-overs and many lives. They deserve to have a fighting chance with the one opportunity they get to succeed. Union activists make sure that they get their chance to shine.

These are the reasons why I am a good teacher and involved with the union. I stand up to give my students the quality education they deserve.