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Take Off

It’s been sympathetically and properly noted that police officers are technically on duty 24/7. That observation should be made with equal soundness about teachers. We, too, may be off the clock but our time is never our own, try as we may to “psych” ourselves into “vacation mode.” That’s the nature of our profession. Consciously or not we are always processing our experiences and devising means to integrate them ingeniously into a lesson, regardless of subject area.

It is a pernicious fallacy, mouthed by teacher-bashers for whom no dosage of truth serum will work, that teachers go into intellectual hibernation, especially during the summer, and suspend the expenditure of energies that don’t involve self-mollycoddling until the autumn leaves turn red.

Teachers are generally the most unselfish and scrupulous professionals and when it comes to being heroes, don’t take the back seat to anyone, including those in uniform. (And we get tickets for violating the traffic codes and must pay our diner bills in full!)

So throw down your burden, now that July is almost upon us, thrust all self-doubt out the window as you pat yourself on the back (don’t do that while you’re driving), indulge whatever guilty pleasures work for you and don’t forget the sunscreen.