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Talk About Clueless

Thomas Dewey

While there’s much in the typical teacher education program that is seriously in need of rethinking and retooling, the “know nothingism” of the editorial board of the Daily News reminds us that such programs could as easily get worse as they could improve.

Never afraid to issue broadsides on educational matters about which we they know nothing, the editors of the Daily News complain that

Newbie instructors too often emerge from ed school stuffed with the ideas of everyone from Thomas Dewey to Brazilian Marxist theorist Paulo Freire (author of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”) – but clueless about how to help kids learn.

John Dewey

What’s clueless is knowing so little about American education history that one mistakes the former governor of New York and failed Republican presidential candidate, Thomas Dewey, for the American philosopher and educator, John Dewey. Perhaps we should be grateful that the Daily News didn’t throw in Melvil Dewey, the founder of the Dewey Decimal System used for many years to catalogue books in a library.

For all that is wrong with teacher education, certainly a knowledge of the pedagogical thought of the most preeminent American philosopher, the leading exponent of the one school of philosophy — pragmatism — which can claim to be distinctively American, is not one such failing.



  • 1 quapper
    · Apr 30, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Newbie journalists too often emerge from journalism school stuffed with the ideas of everyone from Roger Ailes to Rupert Murdoch – but clueless about how to write and edit an objective news article or a coherent opinion piece.

  • 2 bronxactivist
    · May 4, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    Well unfortunately Chancellor Klein agrees that new teachers do not want to evaluated and those that do not agree with Race to the top are trying to hide something.

    Being able to distinguish between research based methods and not fad’s in education is important.