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Teacher News of the Day

More on the school progress reports: everyone agrees PS 35 on Staten Island teaches kids, but they still got an F . . .

. . . while a school labeled “persistently dangerous” got an A . . .

. . . Merryl Tisch, the vice chancellor of the state Board of Regents, weighs in . . .

. . . and so does Diane Ravitch.

The report on the cheating scandal at Susan Wagner HS in Staten Island is out.

205 schools have voted to participate in the school-wide bonus pilot program.

Robert Gordon doesn’t think smaller class sizes matter . . .

. . . UFT President Randi Weingarten disagrees.

New York state may start using a growth model.

An Educational Testing Service report says prospective teachers are becoming better qualified.

The Center for American Progress reports on how Bush’s Labor Department is using it’s regulatory authority to go after unions . . .

. . . the AFT and Trapper John have more.

Do you use Teacher Tube? Here are some teachers who do.

And this week’s Carnival of Education is up.