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Yo, Miss: Drawings from the Trenches — Teaching Always Involves Juggling Priorities

[Editor’s note: Lisa Wilde is an English teacher at John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy, a second-chance charter high school in Lower Manhattan. “Yo, Miss” is a graphic memoir she is writing and drawing about her experiences at the school. From time to time Edwize will post images from her forthcoming book, which tracks the eponymous Miss and eight of her (fictionalized) students over the course of a school year. Click on the image for a larger version.]

Teaching Always Involves Juggling Priorities

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1 Comment:

  • 1 DFaye Anderson
    · May 16, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    “Yo, Miss!” captured my own thoughts and feelings – and fears ! What a wonderful way to ‘vent’ without taking your frustrations out on the students or your family. I am excited about the possible ways I can use it in class and even have my students create their own graphic stories. Thank you Mrs. Wilde. Looking for the next installment. Best, DFaye