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Ted Sizer: In Memorium

The UFT mourns the passing of a great progressive American educator, Ted Sizer. Many of the best New York City public schools have been inspired by and affiliated with the Coalition of Essential Schools founded by Sizer.

From the Coalition’s statement:

Ted’s personal style aligned perfectly with his approach to schools. He enjoyed the company of teachers, and listened to them with exquisite care. He respected them, and envisioned schools guided by their expertise, professional collegiality, and knowledge of their students. Ted’s own interest in the individual and particular experiences of young people guided the way he—and then we—saw schools. Ted wanted to hear directly from students—what was their sense of school and their lives? What excited them? What troubled them? What were they learning? How could they demonstrate their abilities in ways that would honor their progress and accomplishments, and shine a clear light on their future paths?