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The Amazing Work That UFT Providers Do

Tens of thousands of families depend on UFT family child care providers, who care and educate their children. The work they do is making a profound difference in the lives of those children every day, as evidenced by the three providers profiled in this video. But in the city’s budget negotiations, more than 14,000 child care slots have been put on the chopping block by the mayor.



  • 1 Remainders: Australian company rules teacher training market | GothamSchools
    · Jun 22, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    […] The teachers union produced a video on childcare providers whose jobs are being cut. (Edwize) […]

  • 2 phyllis c murray
    · Jun 27, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    When Does a Promise Become a Base Surrender of Truth? It has been said that a promise is a promise until it is broken. However, Mohandas Gandhi said it best: ” A breach of promise is a base surrender of truth.” Through the years UFTers have waged a “Keep the Promises” campaign. We have asked City Hall to keep their promises. Education Voters of New York was part of a coalition – the Keep the Promises campaign – to advocate for the restoration of the state and city education budget cuts. State and city leaders made long overdue commitments to invest the resources in our schools that children need in order to succeed. These promises were budgetary commitments, enacted into public policy, and a necessary remedy to the vast underfunding of the city and state’s public schools. (See Education Voices of New York) in 2010, UFT President Michael Mulgrew reported the following: “New York City promised in writing that it would use specific funds to reduce class size. It then turned around and ignored its promise, saying that school principals who supposedly work for the DOE simply decided to spend the money on other things – among them, to replace funds lost to city budget cuts. The result has been that class sizes have actually increased over 2007 in every grade.” The UFT filed a suit against the DOE for its failure to honor its commitment to the millions of children. The NYC DOE violated Class Size Mandates in CFE Law. So how will it ever end? George Washington once said: “In executing the duties of my present important station, I can promise nothing but purity of intentions, and, in carrying these into effect, fidelity and diligence. ” And with Michael Mulgrew at the helm of the UFT, we are confident that we will see justice prevail. Phyllis C. Murray,UFT Chapter LeaderDistrict 8