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The ‘Blame the Teacher’ Crowd: “Time Is On My Side, Yes It Is”

In the 1998 cinematic thriller Fallen, Detective John Hobbes, played by Denzel Washington, battles a demonic force Azazel. Azazel takes possession of human bodies, using them for gruesome criminal acts. Once possessed, the sign of the beast is that the bodies take up the Rolling Stones song, “Time Is On My Side.”

It seems like “Time Is On My Side” has now become a popular theme song for the ‘blame the teacher’ crowd. Our colleague at the Albert Shanker Institute blog, Matthew Di Carlo, looked behind the headlines of the widely reported Time Magazine public opinion survey on the state of American education.

Here’s just a small flavor of Time’s political agenda. It asked those polled what they thought of tenure:

Do you support or oppose tenure for teachers, which makes it difficult to remove them from their jobs after they have worked for a certain period of time?

As loaded and misleading as that phrasing of the tenure issue is, it apparently was insufficient for the editors of Time, who reported a different version in the magazine:

Do you support or oppose tenure for teachers, the practice of guaranteeing teachers lifetime job security after they have worked for a certain amount of time?

And guess who recently reported that he will be writing a regular column on education for Time?