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The Perfect Gift For Teacher

[Editor’s note: They Call Me Teacher is the pseudonym of a first-year teacher in an elementary school in the Bronx. She blogs at They Call Me Teacher where this post originally appeared.]


Monday, as we walked our students out, a few of them started mentioning gifts and talking of the holiday party that would fill our afternoon on Tuesday, the last day before winter break. One boy, who engulfs so much of our energy and focus but somehow makes up for it by constantly making us laugh with his serious, yet silly comments, had decided he’d get my team teacher a chocolate chip cupcake.

One teacher down, and now to figure out the perfect gift for me. As we walked down the stairs he stopped and turned around.

“Whatchu want? A lamp?”

Tempting! But instead I told him a cupcake would make me happy too. Just the thought of this young man carrying a lamp for his teacher through the school was enough to make us laugh all the way back to the classroom.