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The Tweet to Beat

Do you use Twitter? With a couple of clicks you could help raise money for DonorsChoose.org, the site that matches classroom project proposals with real live benefactors.

Tim Ferriss, San Francisco-based productivity guru and bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, is attracting new Twitter followers with this “ethical bribe”:

For every new Twitter follower in the next two weeks, I will donate $1 to DonorsChoose.org, and an anonymous supporter will match $2, for a total of $3 to U.S. public school classrooms per follower. For now, the matching limit is tentatively capped at 50,000 new followers, though I’m open to increasing it later. 50,000 new followers would mean $150,000 to U.S. public school education, and I hope to double or triple this total with a few twists.

For more information, go to Ferriss’s blog. Click here for his Twitter page.


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  • 1 Phyllis C. Murray
    · Mar 21, 2009 at 10:06 am

    The draconian cuts to the budget of New York City Schools have already become a concern to parents, teachers, and even students. Therefore, the funds in the budget which would provide for enrichment in the arts and physical education in the past have been eliminated. There is not enough money for per session activities in these vital areas. The extra curricular basketball and music instruction of yesterday would now require teacher- volunteers. Hence, we would have to rely on the generosity of our colleagues to fill this void. Certainly, no other profession is run this way. But what can one expect when the education of our neediest students is constantly being pauperized.

    Our school is fortunate to have private organizations/ associations/benefactors which work with us, notably, Donors Choose, the United States Tennis Association, Episcopal School Services, the New York Yankees, Armani Toomer Foundation, Renaissance Education Arts and Sports, the Jay and Ruth DeSoto Mayor Fund, and VHI Save the Music. With this infusion of support, we can take the “dis” out of disadvantage. If our inner city kids are going to succeed in life, they must have the same advantage that is available to their peers throughout the country. This is our mission. This is our prayer… as we advance one move at a time.
    Phyllis C. Murray