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Times Backs Employee Free Choice Act

The New York Times editorial board today argues for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act and praises Obama’s choice for labor secretary, Rep. Hilda Solis, while wondering whether Obama will give her the necessary clout to oversee a forceful labor agenda during a recession.

They strike a hopeful tone, noting that “Mr. Obama’s creation of a task force on middle-class issues, to be led by Vice President-elect Joseph Biden and including Ms. Solis and other high-ranking officials, is an encouraging sign that labor issues will not be given short shrift.”

Of the Employee Free Choice Act, they write:

The measure is vital legislation and should not be postponed. Even modest increases in the share of the unionized labor force push wages upward, because nonunion workplaces must keep up with unionized ones that collectively bargain for increases. By giving employees a bigger say in compensation issues, unions also help to establish corporate norms, the absence of which has contributed to unjustifiable disparities between executive pay and rank-and-file pay.

The AFL-CIO Now Blog also has a recap of the editorial.