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Today’s Ed News, Courtesy of GothamSchools

Education has been the topic of the day, with the stimulus package up for a vote on the Hill, Joel Klein in Albany, and education advocates at City Hall; and GothamSchools has been covering it all:

Klein says without state help, DOE could lay off 15,000 educators

Advocates urge school construction with federal stimulus funds

Lawmakers seize on Klein-time to complain about his control

Halfway through the year, state approves DOE’s spending plan

Mills: Slow down, but don’t stop, promised CFE funding increases



  • 1 NYC Educator
    · Jan 28, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Pardon me if I’m naive, but even if it weren’t a direct violation of a contract he signed, how on earth could Klein lay off so many teachers? Where on earth would kids go? Class sizes are already at contractual maximums, despite hundreds of thousands of dollars he and Mayor Mike took from the CFE lawsuit, specifically to reduce them.

    And another question I have is how are class sizes going to get worse, as the Tweedies predict? Are they simply going to dump 50 kids in a class in blatant violation of the contract?

    After just having built two stadiums replete with luxury boxes and plenty of other seats working people will never be able to afford, it’s plain that seats for kids were never a priority for this administration, money or no.

    My school, bursting at the seams at 250% capacity, can’t lose a single teacher, and can’t squeeze in another kid. What are these folks thinking about? Or do they even bother to think before they speak?

  • 2 Educat
    · Jan 30, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    All I have to say is “HERE WE GO AGAIN!” Bloomberg threatens a bloody masacre and scares the daylights out everyone.the UFT then begins to negotiate various givebacks to save us from “Armaggeddon”. well i for one am on to this game and i hope our leadership is savvy enough. do you really think Bloomberg, in an election year, is going to ax 15,000 teachers?? with education as his signature issue?? his legacy?? he would write a check out of his own funds before that would happen. he does however see this as a perfect opportunity to win “productivity” savings. DONT FALL VICTIM TO THIS GAME UFT! PLEASE DONT EMBARRASS US!

  • 3 phyllis c. murray
    · Jan 31, 2009 at 8:37 am

    On January 28, 2009, I had an opportunity to watch the Joint Budget Hearing in Elementary and Secondary Education which took place in Albany,NY. The Hearing was televised though cable access. Although Chancellor Klein’s statements were covered by the media, I was proud to see that our voices were also heard that day in Albany because of the testimonies of Alan Lubin, Exec. VP NYSUT and Richard Farkas, UFT VP.

    UFTers know that it is important for the legislators to understand exactly what harm the budget cuts will have on the students we serve. The previous Draconian cuts to the school budgets have already had an adverse effect on the culture of New York City public schools. Therefore, It is unconscionable for the Board of Education to even suggest further cuts to programs, resources, and personnel, in our already under-funded public schools. And, as Alan Lubin mentioned “poor districts cannot absorb these cuts.”

    The points which both Alan Lubin and Richard Farkas raised, needed to be heard in Albany on January 28, 2009. It is imperative that teacher mentors, Teacher Centers and Career Technical Ed (CTE) remain in public education. And if the budget cuts are compounded by a loss of key personnel ( teachers, paras, et al.) it is obvious our students, will not get a “second chance” to have a quality education. Furthermore, our nation cannot be sustained if we lose a generation or if it fails to educate its most ” vulnerable citizens.” These points are very important. Education must be a priority in our nation.

    Again, we must applaud and thank our very special representatives and President Weingarten for their role as advocates for teachers and students. Surely we appreciate all that they do as true leaders within NYSUT, UFT, and AFT. We must stand with our leaders on March 5 in a rally for a fair budget outside City Hall. The pauperization of our schools must stop, NOW.

    Phyllis C. Murray, UFT Chapter Leader
    District 8

  • 4 NYCTeachers
    · Feb 3, 2009 at 10:01 am

    A Movement To Remove Billionaire Bloomberg has started on http://www.NYCTeachers.com. The problem is that Klein is a good friend of billionaire Mike Bloomberg, who has been doling out taxpayer dollars to his billionaie friends, but telling teachers, firefighters and police offices to “buckle down”. Anyone who does not see the real problem here is a fool.

    NYC Teachers must show Bloomberg and Klein that we are no fools.

    go to http://www.nycteachers.com to join the Movement.