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Tweed Job Fair For Lawyers

All the DOE seems to care about is hiring MBAs, lawyers who are good at producing more work for themselves, and designing systems to generate data that supposedly measures this and that, yet they never talk to educators. If they want to make work better, they’d better talk to the people who do the work.

Those observations, in slightly different words delivered with a tone of satire and indignation, had a powerful impact on audience members gathered at a recent UFT-sponsored event. They recognized themselves as victims of the DOE’s fixation on data that perpetually begets reports and more reports in an agonized dance of paperwork, a surrealistic nightmare that undermines morale and the integrity of the educational process.

This absurd phenomenon is an underlying theme in a number of movies, books and plays. “Brazil,” anyone? Please identify which work, regardless of genre, most accurately, in your opinion, captures the madness of the current bureaucratic landscape with all its tyrants and ideologies and scenarios. Share your comments with us.

And while you’re deciding, consider this blockbuster statistical revelation which may have an indirect bearing on the grim inanity of things: 1 percent of the population in this city of Bloomberg controls 44 percent of its wealth.