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New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is conducting an investigation into the finances of the Believe Charter School Network and the exorbitant management fees it charges its three Williamsburg based schools, Williamsburg Charter High School, Believe Northside High School and Believe Southside High School.

Edwize readers will recall that in 2006 the founder of the Believe Charter School network and its three schools, Eddie Calderon-Melendez, fired an excellent and loved teacher of English from Williamsburg Charter High School because she had circulated a copy of the salary schedule for New York City public school teachers to her colleagues, and then slandered her in an attempt to justify this deed.

At the time, Andy Rotherham of Eduwonk, Joe Williams of Democrats for Education Reform and Sara Meade [then at The Quick and The Ed] all agreed that the firing was wrong and deplorable, but argued that the New York charter law had remedies built into it for such misdeeds. But the authorizer of Williamsburg Charter High School, the NYC Department of Education under Joel Klein, did absolutely nothing. And the New York State Education Department then rewarded Calderon-Melendez’s behavior by chartering two new schools for him, Believe North Side and Believe South Side.

Now we are beginning to discover the consequences of charter authorizers turning a blind eye toward anti-teacher union busting.


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  • 1 Arthur Getzel
    · Jun 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    It is funny that this teacher was fired for distributing a piece of data that anyone can get from the UFT website. The true solution is that the AFT must begin to organize the charters.