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White Whales for Pink Elephants?

Over at the AFT’s NCBLog, John cites some interesting US Department of Education contracts, including these gems – each obviously indispensable to American education:

  • More than $50,000 to Moby Dick Airways;
  • $16,000 to a 24 hour fitness center called “Oz Fitness”;
  • $11,200 to the manufacturer of automatic pistols, Glock.

This is the first we heard of Moby Dick Airways. Do you think they answer their phones, “Call me Ishmael?” A Google search reveals that it is an airline of choice for the Republican National Committee and various Republican presidential candidates. Maybe the name is inspired by the Bush administration’s conduct of the war in Iraq.

Oz Fitness is also unknown to us, but we wouldn’t want the DOE apparatchiks to be setting a bad example in the age of the obesity epidemic.

The contract which really caught our eye was the Glock pistols for the DOE’s Inspector General. They must be really afraid of the Houston cabal’s reactions to their exposes of Reading First. Now we know that there was a lot of ‘gang talk’ on the e-mails in the IG reports, but if educational policy is any guide, Rod Paige, Mike Petrilli, Chris Doherty and company are education’s gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


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